What does MCCSG mean? 

The Mission Community Center for Sacramental Growth, Incorporated. We help folks live out their baptism, should folks desire to go further into a sacramental life we have resources available for discernment. 

Is MCCSG an Accredited Curriculum?

No. MCCSG complements your accredited curriculum. Doing your own transcripts and incorporating MCCSG coursework allows you a streamlined avenue to completing classes necessary for final diploma. MCCSG report cards are extremely helpful when compiling your transcripts.

Do I pay for MCCSG class books?

Sometimes. There is no set books, teachers understand financial constraints and work to accommodate.

How do I graduate from Home Education?

By following an Accredited Curriculum that offers diplomas.

Creating transcripts that fall in line with your state and district requirements.

By creating your own curriculum and regulating through testing and finally to the GED program.(GED is no longer a stigma as in years past)

Is MCCSG just for Homeschoolers?

No. MCCSG services the Christian community with a wide range of clubs, after school programs, tutoring etc.

Are MCCSG teachers certified?

Many of the MCCSG teachers are certified, however it is not a requirement. Talent and skills can be attributed to experience as a teachers aid, religious education teacher, college students, scout leaders and corporate trainers.

I'm not Catholic, will I feel out of place?

No. If you are seeking what is good and enjoy an environment that appreciates the authority, mystery and love of God as it relates to everyday life - this is the place for you. Many teachers, participants and supporters are not Catholic.

How are Faith matters handled?

MCCSG is governed by Catholics with many different business backgrounds. The relationships consist of a respect for Catholics and an understanding that non-Catholic Christians may not have the same practices. Catholics take Catholic Courses and non- Catholic Christians can elect to take coursework that applies to topics we all find integral to our common faith.

How is my special needs student managed?

The parents decide based on the services we offer. Resources for IEP's are available and aids can be contracted to assist in classes.

Why would someone attend MCCSGad?

MCCSGad is a lifestyle. If you seek to make the family the Center of your life which is integral to your faith, MCCSG allows for flexibilities and family necessities, a full time 9 hour institutional setting can not accommodate the numerous challenges facing families. MCCSG provides the most important areas of a structured discipline setting without dividing the family. In addition someone seeking to build and develop their child's skills without a constant start and stop in the home education arena, MCCSG helps to ground the process without gaps in friendships and learning.